3 Projects Worth Supporting Right Now

I decided not to do a special Christmas post this year, but I guess this is still kind of Christmas-related: I’d like to introduce you to three interesting projects whose initiators are asking for donations to realize them. So if you feel like doing something good right now or simply have a litle bit money left over these days, I’m pretty sure that these people would appreciate some generosity.

After showing a dick picture of a transgender artist called Rafalala the Warsaw-based free queer magazine Replika has lost some of its sponsors and is now struggling for financial survival. You can donate via PayPal on this link.

Shakekdown is a documentary about a Black lesbian strip club in Los Angeles by a director called Leilah Weinraub with a score by Tim Dewit of GANG GANG DANCE. You can help realizing the movie’s release by donating money on its Kickstarter site (call for donations runs until February 7)

I already posted this on Facebook: Scott Hug, a New York based artist and founder / editor of the magazine K48 (I’ve already mentioned his blog here) is searching for people who financially support the production costs of the new issue called ABRAK48DABRA. You can donate via Kickstarter (runs until Janury 26), maybe this video will help you with your decision:

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