Two Paintings By Erik Tidemann

I posted a couple of pictures of Norwegian artist Erik Tidemann by photographer Linn Heidi Stokkedal in April. This time you get a little insight on of Tidemann’s own works – here are two of his latest paintings which I found on Sang Bleu a few days ago. This is how Tidemann himself  described the pictures to me via Facebook:

“The first one is part of a series both fictional and based on real people, it’s a series of the tattoists in my city by memory as I can remember their tattoos and appearance. That goes for the mustached sailor one. The black guy is all fictional called “Portrait of Sadiiq Al Rashiid, Somalian Pirate”. It was a good way to do really strong black one liner drawings on top of the brushed first layer of the paintings. So you have the spontanity that is uncorrected on something that could be the opposite.”

Check out his MySpace page and Google for more of Erik Tideamann’s works.

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