Good Blogs: Cruise Or Be Cruised

I have a new favourite tumblr called Cruised Or Be Cruised. The blog (which I’m pretty sure is run by a German) by artist Dean Sameshima is only a few days old, but even at this early point the collection of  pages you can click yourself through so far offer a pretty entertaining journey through the history of gay subculture, starting with John Rechy book covers and Hanky Code guides over works of contemporary artists to zine covers like the one on top of this post (it’s from a zine called “GSM” [gay skinhead movement] from 1991). The tumblr looks like the attempt to make a private collection of these kinds of artefacts accessible online, so if you have a tumblr yourself or don’t mind putting tumblrs into your blog reader this could be a good chance to take part in something nice.

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