Trailer: François Sagat In “Homme Au Bain” by Christophe Honoré

This is the trailer of French director Christophe Honoré’s new movie “Homme Au Bain” (engl. title “Man At Bath”) which will be screened at the Locarno film festival as one of the entries of the competition at the beginning of August. It will officially premiere at September 22nd. According to the movie’s festival press kit which is available here (I especially love Francois Sagat’s CV) the film is located both in Gennevilliers in the suburbs of Paris and New York and tells the story of a split-up couple that rediscovers its sexual freedom. I must admit that although I like Honoré’s movies apart from Mr. Sagats appearance the trailer hasn’t really convinced me that I need to see this film (although the fact that the guys over at the Locarno festival warn “sensitive viewers” about “shocking scenes” makes it kind of interesting).


  1. when does it come to the US? I loved all the other Honore movies. Love songs and La belle personne were amazing.

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