The Work Of Collier Schorr (II): Nature

Collier Schorr and I have something in common: We have a special relationship to Schwäbisch Gmünd, a smalltown in Southern Germany, not far away from the city of Stuttgart. In my case it’s because parts of my family live down there, in Schorr’s case it’s the family and friends of her girlfriend that live there, which is the reason why for already 19 years now she visits this place once a year. Her time in Schwäbisch Gmünd Schorr has always spend investigating the environment and the nature of that area as well as portraying the people living there – especially the adolescent ones (of course). The photographs above and below give a little insight on this part of Schorrs work – more of their kind, especially of her flower-“arrangements”, can be found in her books “Flowers” and “Forest and Fields”.  I also just found this interview with Schorr about her pictures taken in nature a while ago, it’s been published by Dossier Journal. Part I of the Collier Schorr series here.

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