The Work Of Collier Schorr (I): Wrestlers

This is the first part of a series of postings that will show works of artist and fashion photographer Collier Shorr, who I’m officially a fan of now. Shorr was born in New York City in 1963 and studied at the the School of the Visual Arts, New York and is especially known for her portraits of adolescent men and women which question simplyfing ideas of indentity, especially from a gender perspective. The pictures below are part of a series for which she photographed wrestlers, mainly of the Blair academy wrestling team. Click here for a an Interview with Schorr about her fascination for wrestling on Art:21 or, if you’re too lazy to read, just watch the video I posted below the photographs where she explains her approach. Portrait above © Deutsche Guggenheim und Maciek Kobielski

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  1. Hello Hanno,
    I would like to buy a book of Collier Schorr’s wrestling photos, but I am having trouble finding a title/publisher/etc. Can you help?

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