Watch It Online: “I Want Your Love” By Travis Mathews

I Want Your Love“, a new new short film by indie director Travis Mattews illustrates very explicitely what it could feel like to fuck a good friend after having a few glasses of wine together. Like the movies Mathews shot for his documentary series  “In Their Room” the movie is very tenderly shot, and like other contemporary queer indie movies it combines both narrative and pornographic elements in a way that blurs the borders between a “feature film” and a “porn film”. The whole thing is also part of a bigger film project with the same title Mathews is working on at the moment (the title comes from a song by The Chromatics which is one of that bands that are going to be involved in it). You can watch the entire short for free and in high resolution on NakedSword as well as a little backstage-documentary which features an interview with Mathews. You also find the trailer and some movie stills below. Another interview with Mathews about the movie can be found on Johnny Murdoc’s blog.

UPDATE: The film is no longer online.


  1. Most exquisite and refined eroticism, used skillfully to tell a story.
    Thank you, Mr. Mattews!

  2. Beautifully shot…an intimate and erotic short that reminds us we are all human with heart

  3. Storyline: very real and believable.
    Acting: surprisingly tender and intimate – superb to the point of wondering if this was a private get-together candid filmed – especially Jessee Metzger.
    Dialogue: genuine – completely natural as if unscripted.
    Cinematography: exceedingly high quality.
    direction: Brilliant. Matthews’ “I Want Your Love” demands to be expanded into a full-length film. Bravo.

  4. Never seen anything like this before. I was very happily surprised by this amazingly beautifully narrated and filmed simple yet essential story.

  5. What a great film. I love the camera perspectives, the exchanged glances, the rhythm of the whole thing and most of all the laughter. All that awkwardness leading into sexiness! It’s hot, and it’s also very well filmed and performed. Bravo.

  6. The tenderness of their love becomes so palpable. Very real. Very spontaneous. At no point to do you want to call it ‘porn’ though you have an explicit lovemaking scene. A must watch.

  7. Travis Matthews sure does not go out of his way to credit the actors. They are amazing.

  8. I think this is an incredible piece of art, because it gives life honour, well done!

  9. What a heart warming portrait. So natural and loving. I get it.
    AND I’m not even gay.

  10. Loved it!!! If any guys wanna hit me up and text me here’s my number: 3235194363. I live in LOS ANGELES! 😉

  11. I found this movie charming, but always i cannot find it on the web,,,,what to to do?

  12. I am so pleased that this short picture has been made. It exemplifies what it can be like for two men to make love together in a tender, kind and caring way.

    The whole look and feel of the film is completely natural and reflects real life. I think the reason why it appeals to so many is that it reminds them of own experiences or their own longings.

    The pinnacle of the film, and one of the tenderist moments for me, is when the guy penetrating asks the guy being penetrated if he is “OK, alright.” That simple question signifies one guy giving, what only one guy can give to another guy – himself – and the other guy putting the needs and welfare of his partner above his own gratification. That one unselfish question wraps up what making love with another human being is all about – mutuality. Mutually sharing the experience, communicating and giving to each other. The sex act is beautiful and at its best when shared not just for the gratuitous pleasure of one participant or the other. A truly beautiful film with the highest production values and great ad-libbing from actors. Good luck to the team with future projects go to Travis Mathews web site and donate funds to help him represent us.

  13. This movie is offensive: the way it depicts the gay community as made up of horny dogs is offensive; the plot’s incoherence and stupidity is offensive; the superficiality of all the characters is offensive. The main character’s story is just an excuse, being the explicit sex scenes the main object and the fil rouge of the movie. The final scene summarizes the lack of sense of the entire film. Don’t waste your money to see this, buy an unpretentious, honest porn instead.

  14. @Frank #22 — Frank, I deeply believe that you could stand to benefit from going out and doing this very thing. As it is, I bet you’ve never been laid in your life and just feel bitter that others got to experience something you’ve desperately wanted to experience with one of your best friends as long as you’ve known them, but are afraid to act on your feelings.

    The film is beautiful, well done and VERY REALISTIC!

    I had this same experience with my straight (but open minded) best bud. It was so awesome being inside him and bringing him pleasure, and having him do the same to me. Very beautiful!

    Watch it here – for FREE!

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