Music Ticker: All Leather, Die Antwoord, Kele, Sam Amidon, Ariel Pink, Xiu Xiu

+++ The Southern Californian electro-queercore band All Leather and the Southern African rap act Die Antwoord have two things in common: both projects make music that most of the time is rather difficult to listen to, but at the same time both have pretty entertaining and bizarre videos. Check out All Leather’s “Mystery Meat” on BIGSTEREO (featuring a nice comment by editor Rchrd Oh) and “Enter The Ninja” and “Zef Side” by The Antwoord here and here +++

+++ Bloc Party singer Kele Okereke has announced a solo album for June. “The Boxer”, a co-production between Kele and Spank Rock member XXXchange, is announced as a rough electro pop record. Check out Kele’s website for the first couple of tour dates +++

+++ Folk songwriter Sam Amidon‘s second album “I See A Sign” has been released on May29th and since then can be streamed on the website of Bedroom Community. In addition to the awesome opener “How Come That Blood” Stereogum has now made the song “Relief” available, a cover version of an R.Kelly song. Click here to download it+++

+++ Ariel Pink and his band Haunted Graffiti have finally announced that they are going to release their first album on June 8th. It’s going to be called “Before Today” (cover layout here)+++

+++ Here’s another simple but effective video by Xiu Xiu (via Dirtbag Journalism / Pitchfork):


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