Online Now: DIS Magazine

Sometimes it’s better to let the creator of a project talk about his work himself instead of trying to explain what you see.  Especially in a case like DIS magazine, a new web zine where fashion meets art in a quite satirical way. Here is the beautiful statement by the group that started the site: “DIS is a dissection of fashion, art and commerce which seeks to dissolve conventions, distort realities, disturb ideologies, dismember the establishment, and disrupt the dismal dissemination of fashion discourse that’s been distinctly distributed in order to display the disenfranchised as disposable. All is open to discussion. There is no final word. DIS is a collaborative project amongst artists, designers, stylists, writers and friends. We are Lauren Boyle, Solomon Chase, Patrik Sandberg, David Toro, Marco Roso, S. Adrian Massey III and Nicholas Scholl.”