Bara Manga Online: Silence Of The Bears

For some reason Blogger’s crusade against gay blogs with explicit contents especially seems to hit sites showing pornographic manga comicsĀ  really hard (one of the saddest examples surely is Gabe’s Yaoi Corner I recently postet here). Especially electronic versions of the so-called bara comics, a genre my flatmate just introduced to me seem to be pretty hard to find now. Bara is often considered the “real” gay manga genre due to the fact that the comics show very masculin (mostly pretty chubby) guys, while the more popular yaoi comics are mostly created and read by women. But it is not impossible to find sites that feature full-length bara mangas. Here are a few useful links if you have a soft spot for hand-drawn chest hair.

UPDATE: Unfortunately all links to pages where you can download free bara mangas I posted here are broke now. I’ll try to find new links, but this may take a while.

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